Parking Lot Lighting

Solar powered and energy efficient grid-connected LED lighting from Sol can meet national lighting standards for parking lots. When retrofitting to lower your energy costs, our on-grid LED lights can lower your monthly electric and maintenance fees up 75%. With new installations, you can avoid costly trenching, wiring and electrical connection because our solar lights can be installed for less than the cost of traditional grid-tied systems. Solar lighting is also an effective supplement to existing grid-connected lighting where the original lighting layout created unanticipated dark spots or where light trespass is creating an issue with neighboring property. 

Sol can configure a solar and/or on-grid lighting system for your parking lot based on your light level requirements and lot size. Our parking lot lighting systems can be engineered to run throughout the night, dim when full light is not required and/or react to motion with a built in motion detector.

Alternative Products to Consider:

  • Top of Pole Mount Lighting

    The TP Series features an adjustable mounting bracket and includes a variety of option choices to create a customized outdoor solar light solution for your application.

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