Tropical AdLight System

The Tropical AdLight System is a backlit commercial advertising light that integrates with Sol’s tropical solar light system to provide continuous advertising revenue. This solar-powered backlit ad box mounts directly on any type of pole and is powered through Sol’s solar light system. Revenue from AdLight advertising pays for the solar light and provides continuous cash flow, making it an ideal investment when considering installing solar lights. AdLight features aluminum construction with polycarbonate insert.


Minimal tools required - few parts to assemble

Integrates directly with Tropical Lighting System - utilizes the power of the sun

Maintenance free gel cell batteries provide five nights of back-up power

FivePlus™ Warranty includes 10 years on electronics, wiring, fixtures and 20 years on mounting hardware and solar

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  • Saves time and money - easy to install and assemble
  • Saves money with no electricity bills
  • Generates money from advertising revenue,which helps offset the cost of the light system itself
  • Avoids costly trenching and wiring allowing it to be installed at or below the cost of grid-connected lighting
  • Ideal for streets, roadways, parking lots, perimeter areas and other remote locations that have no access to reliable electricity
  • Additional lighting source to increase safety and security

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