Solar for your schools and university campuses


Light your roads. Light your parking lots. Light your pathways. Adding solar lighting on campus is a smart move—it is a cost-effective way to increase the sense of safety for students, faculty, staff, and guests using the facilities. No need to disturb existing infrastructure or historical landmarks by trenching for power: solar-powered lighting is a self-contained lighting solution with no underground connecting wiring required.

Universities, colleges, elementary schools, and high schools can lead by example by choosing strategies that cut carbon footprints, bring awareness to environmental issues, and provide material for courses and lessons in renewable technologies and sustainability. Choosing an off-grid lighting option will help bolster green technology goals and initiatives for your school—like Indian River State College in Florida, which added street lights for the entry driveway at the Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Also in the south, Odessa College in Odessa, Texas, added solar lighting to avoid damaging the existing campus landscaping. And solar works in northern regions, too: at New Jersey City University in Jersey City, New Jersey, solar area lights shine on an outdoor patio; meanwhile, across the country, solar pathway lights illuminate a route through a park from a residential area to a main roadway on Central Washington University’s campus.

One thing we won’t miss about the old lights is writing out the check to the utility company each month; those savings can go towards the student services.” – Bob Chastain, Director of Physical Plant of Odessa College, Texas

Not only colleges and universities can take advantage of the benefits of solar lighting. Hayground School in Bridgehampton, New York, is an innovative elementary school on a 13-acre farm that teaches everything from soil science to filmmaking to bookmaking. Ahead of the game in terms of green technology, Hayground has had solar lighting on campus since it opened in 1996, and it installed additional pathway lighting in 2016. Proper lighting is also an important factor in Safe Routes to School initiatives and similar programs.

Solar-powered lighting is a great way to promote campus safety and sustainability at the same time.


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