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Carmanah Solar LED Lighting Featured in LED Professional Magazine

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LED Professional
Anthony Tisot

A case study on using solar-powered LED area lights to illuminate parks and pathways throughout a community. Published in LED Professional magazine — an industry resource for LED and solid-state technologies used in general lighting applications.


The City of Kelowna recently launched its latest green initiative with the unveiling of a new type of solar powered LED area light near the entrance to City Hall — the first of many stand-alone lights that will soon illuminate parks and pathways throughout the city.

As part of its “Going Green” strategy, Kelowna is installing 100 of the EverGEN™ solar-powered area lights, designed and manufactured by Victoria-based Carmanah Technologies, in a citywide deployment of renewable energy technology. Offering easy installation and freedom from grid-access requirements, the solar-powered lights will illuminate green spaces and other public areas to help enhance convenience, security, and visual appeal throughout the city.

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