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Watch our Solar Lighting Testimonial Video: How Sol Is Changing Commercial Lighting in North America

  Challenging the status quo can start with your lights Today, solar lighting is possible for a greater range of projects than ever before. Across the nation, cities and developers have been choosing Sol’s lights to illuminate a variety of projects, from trail lighting in parks to residential streets and more. California, Colorado, and Arizona […]

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Video: How to Troubleshoot Eterno EMS-based Solar Lighting Systems

This video is a brief troubleshooting tutorial of Sol’s Eterno EMS-based solar lighting systems. You’ll learn how to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot issues related to your solar light. The tools we’ll be using today include: DC multimeter Battery load tester 1/4” nut driver 7/16” socket wrench Sol battery cabinet key We created a quick mockup […]

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Video: How to Retrofit a Sol Solar Lighting System

In this video, we’ll be reviewing the EverGen retrofit installation procedure on legacy Sol solar lighting systems. Upgrading the EMS allows for greater efficiency and, if paired with the currently available LED fixture technology, more lumens than what was previously available. This straightforward installation will have you removing the system’s old charge controller, driver, and […]

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From Order to Installation and Beyond, We Keep It Simple

Want to power your project with solar lights? We support you every step of the way. With every EverGen solar lighting system, you get a complete system package from order to installation and beyond. When you order EverGen solar commercial lights for your project, we tailor them specifically to meet your project needs, ensuring they […]

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Watch: The solar-LED street lighting combination in Chandler, Arizona

The LED lighting revolution includes competitive roadway lighting by Sol   The LED lighting revolution also includes solar-powered lighting solutions. Watch the video to learn more about this story: Read the video transcript: LED lighting technology has transformed the outdoor lighting industry. Area lighting has undergone significant advancements, and these new lights have emerged with […]

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Watch now: EverGen M Series parking lot light installation

See a quick overview of how to install an EverGen M Series parking lot light.  

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