Broomfield Makes Sustainability a Priority

Like many Colorado cities, Broomfield experienced an influx of travelers with mid-19th century Gold Fever, and once it subsided, the city became an agricultural hub thanks to the early Colorado railroad systems. Booming in the early to mid-20th century, the Turnpike Land Co. purchased the land to build a model master-planned community, shaping the present Broomfield.

The city has a diverse business landscape, excelling in telecommunications, IT software, bioscience, and energy. Over 60,000 people now reside in the city, enjoying a renowned school system, and 7,000-plus acres of open space. Now part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metropolitan area, Broomfield is said to be named after the abundance of broomcorn that grows there.

Replacing Utilities with Self-Reliant Solar LED Street Lighting

In 2011, the city of Broomfield adopted a “Broomfield Sustainability Plan,” outlining how everyone can benefit from increased lighting. Several solar installations exist here, but more projects can be feasible. Since Broomfield currently has two separate lighting utility companies providing street lighting, there is an opportunity to increase lighting efficiency. If the city municipalizes its street lighting, it can become self-reliant and take better control of business decisions, pricing, energy sources, and more.

Broomfield contains over 281 miles of trails and more than 700 acres of developed parks and 45 playgrounds. These areas can become even more usable and sustainable for the communities they serve by adding reliable, efficient lighting where none existed before. Solar park and trail lighting can make lighting the impossible, possible, because trenching and other significant ground disruption isn’t required—and that saves money on grid connections while also preserving the natural landscape.

As Broomfield continues to advance its renewable energy plans, solar street lighting can play an important role in the conversation and provide big savings for a seemingly minor piece of infrastructure.

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