Centennial: Colorado’s Newest Municipality

Centennial is south of Denver and is Colorado’s newest municipality, incorporating in 2001 from unincorporated portions of Arapahoe County. It was the largest incorporation in United States history; today’s population is over 100,000 residents. Centennial was ranked the 15th safest city in the country by CQ Press. Also, Money ranked the city 13th on their 2016 Best Places to Live list, thanks to a strong job market, easy access to transportation, outdoor space, and more.

Centennial’s landscape features hills, ravines, and gullies, with many of these open spaces offering parkland and trails for residents and visitors to enjoy. With 300-plus days of sunshine per year, the climate is fitting for solar energy generation.

A Blank Canvas for Solar LED Lighting in Centennial

Like many municipalities in Colorado, Centennial uses a large utility company for its electricity, including street light installation and maintenance. An opportunity exists for the municipality to take control and manage the city’s street lighting, which would drastically lower the cost of power and eliminate wildy variable future costs. As infrastructure continues to age and the price of power fluctuates, using reliable solar outdoor lighting can ensure future costs are fixed, with consistent installation and maintenance costs for the lifetime of the lights.

Centennial can also outfit its many green spaces with solar park and trail lighting, which can add light where none existed before. Lighting green spaces can help lengthen usable park hours each day for positive citizen engagement with the community.

The opportunities for solar lighting implementation in Centennial are plentiful, and this new community is in a prime position to take advantage.

Watch our video on commercial solar lighting in Colorado



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