Commercial Solar Lighting for Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States and its 502 sq. mile expanse is among the most geographically and culturally diverse parts of the country. From the beach communities of San Pedro and Santa Monica to the valley regions of Sherman Oaks and Pasadena, and from star-studded Hollywood to trendy Beverly Hills and sporty South Park to historic Chinatown, Los Angeles is a metropolis of neighborhoods, each as unique as the next.

At night, Los Angeles appears to stretch from horizon to horizon. It is breathtaking, but the city has become so bright it is hard to appreciate the full effect. As much as 60% of the light generated by traditional street lighting is wasted on lighting up the skies rather than only illuminating the road. We would like to help the city change that with reliable outdoor lighting that keeps light where it’s intended—and saves the taxpayers money.

Innovative Opportunities for LA Solar-Powered Street Lights

Los Angeles boasts a Mediterranean climate, averaging just 35 days with measurable precipitation each year. That makes LA perfectly suited for cheaper alternative energy technologies like commercial LED solar lighting.

For decades Los Angeles faced some of the worst smog and pollution on Earth. Comedians made jokes about how breathing the air was like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Over the past 25 years, however, LA has become one of the most environmentally conscious cities, spearheading national legislation such as the Clean Air Act. California had the first statewide “green” building code in the US, the California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen). Today, Los Angeles generates over 20% of its power from renewable resources like solar.

Owning its own municipal utility makes it possible for Los Angeles to offer incentive programs and other benefits for choosing renewable energy in both commercial and residential applications. Over the last several years, Los Angeles street lighting made history in the world’s largest retrofit, which converted nearly all of the city’s 215,000 street lights to efficient LEDs to save nearly $9 million per year. Commercial solar lighting complements such initiatives, offering all the benefits of efficient LEDs with additional advantages including providing power where trenching and other disruptions are cost prohibitive or environmentally detrimental. We’ve already been part of this exciting transition in the city, providing solar pathway lighting for the LA River Bike Path.

With effective steps like these already in the works, there is no telling where the possibilities end for sustainable communities—and everyone from elegant Brentwood to family-oriented Woodland Hills can take advantage.

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