Lakewood, Colorado: Perfect for Sustainable Solar Powered Street Lights

Lakewood, Colorado, is home to approximately 148,000 people, making it the most populous municipality in Jefferson County. West of Denver, Lakewood is part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metropolitan Statistical Area, and existed with no municipal government for the first 80 years or so of its existence. When it was incorporated in 1969, it was named Jefferson City, but overwhelming dislike of the name prompted a change to Lakewood soon after. And the name doesn’t lie: Lakewood has several small lakes and reservoirs, as well as 99 parks and 188 miles of multi-use trails, making this an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

With its semi-arid climate and minimal precipitation, Lakewood is a perfect location for solar power implementation. In fact, the parks system would benefit from solar LED lighting, which can be added to existing parks without disrupting the natural landscape, making it a sustainable, community-friendly option.

Sustainability in Lakewood Enhanced with Solar LED Lighting

Sustainability is important to Lakewood citizens and the local government. Just like in neighboring Denver, Lakewood offers a Sustainable Neighborhoods program, which encourages neighborhoods to pursue new ideas related to sustainability within their own areas to receive program credits and potentially earn Outstanding Sustainable Neighborhood designation from the city.

Lakewood also has a Sustainability Division, and already it has begun to replace all its street lights and park lights with LED fixtures wherever possible. But there is also an option to go further: solar LED lighting can be implemented on both streets and trails. This can help combat aging infrastructure and avoid unknown replacement costs in the future by offering a fixed cost for installation and maintenance.

With Lakewood’s commitment to renewables clear, finding a reliable solar lighting solution that works here is the next step in becoming a sustainable and environmentally resilient city.

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