Littleton a Small City Perfect for Solar Street and Park Lighting

Littleton, Colorado, is a small city of about 44,000 in the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metropolitan area. Like many similar cities, Littleton’s origins began in the Colorado gold rush of the mid-19th century. Richard Sullivan Little, one of the engineers hired to construct Littleton’s early infrastructure, was charmed by the unique area, purchasing property and providing a strong economic base for the young community. Littleton’s 245 residents eventually voted to incorporate the town in 1890.

Following a housing boom, manufacturing became a crucial employer in fields like electronics, munitions, and aerospace. Ranked the #2 best small city in America in 2017, Littleton holds a strong sense of community, has top-ranked schools and education, and contains diverse businesses.

Taking Advantage of Solar Lighting Opportunities

With over 200 miles of trails, Littleton has many opportunities to benefit from solar commercial lighting. Bringing light to pathways like the Mary Carter Greenway trail can provide an increased sense of safety at night, encouraging residents to continue using them even after dark. Unlike conventional pathway lights, solar lights don’t have any below-ground wiring, so the existing landscape doesn’t need to be trenched for installation and allows for the environment to remain in pristine condition. Solar technology can also show residents that the city is making strides towards implementing sustainable infrastructure using renewable energy.

Following other Colorado cities, the city of Littleton has begun making sustainable upgrades to their existing and new infrastructure. While the local utility provider has installed LED street lights across the city, Littleton could take cost savings a step further by installing solar commercial lighting in their streets and parking lots. These solar-powered, energy efficient parking lot lights can help citizens feel safer at night, but also eliminates monthly electric bills while providing a fixed infrastructure cost. Meanwhile, municipalizing its street lighting provides the city with more self-reliance, which in turn ensures the city can be more accountable to its residents for a brighter future.

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