Solar Street Lighting Helps Sustainable Arvada Stay Focused on Being Green

Arvada is largely a commuter town for nearby Denver and Boulder and is home to about 112,000. It offers small-town charm, especially in Olde Town Arvada, which features galleries, shops, breweries, and farmers’ markets. The Center for the Arts and Humanities presents theatrical productions in two live theatres and a 1,200-seat outdoor amphitheater.

Arvada is committed to walkability and access to parks. There are 90-plus parks here, with at least one within a 10-minute walk from every residence. The city also has a Bicycle Master Plan, approved in 2017 to help make cycling safer and more convenient for commuter trips and pleasure rides.

Arvada Builds on Existing Sol Solar LED Street Light Initiative

Street lighting in Arvada is managed by a private utility company, presenting the city with an opportunity to take control of its lights for increased self-reliance. Municipalization of electrical power here would help the city control costs and choose where the power came from, including renewable resources. Solar lighting is just one facet of renewable power, but it can help reduce utility bills, while also allowing for light to be added where none existed before—such as in local parks—without adding to those bills.

Arvada contains a master-planned community called Candelas, which spans 1,500 acres in west Arvada, near Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge—called the largest and most successful environmental cleanup in history following the closure of the Rocky Flats nuclear factory. Most homes in Candelas are built with solar panels as a standard feature, and every home has the option of adding them later if desired. Candelas has already made use of solar lighting, with Sol solar LED lighting in place on the streets here.

Bringing more sustainable, renewable energy to Arvada is an exciting possibility and one this city is primed to pursue.

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