Planned Community Can Take Advantage of Solar Possibilities

Ken Caryl is a massive parcel of land southwest of Denver, Colorado. Approximately 33,000 people live in Ken Caryl, which is part of Jefferson County. The property is also known as the Ken Caryl Ranch and has been bought and sold several times in its history, starting as a profitable cattle ranch. It got its name from the first owner’s two sons, Kent and Carroll.

The estate was purchased in 1971 by the Johns-Manville Corporation, which built a large corporate campus and an employee housing community. These plans shaped Ken Caryl into its present form, with the housing community evolving into the neighborhoods of today. The community maintained the natural ecology of the valley, dedicating 6,000 acres to open space as part of the Jefferson County Open Space, itself covering over 54,000 acres of land and 236 miles of trails in Jefferson County.

Energy Independence in Ken Caryl Through Solar Power

With 242 sunny days per year, Ken Caryl is an excellent place for solar-powered lighting, and the opportunities are plentiful.

Many of Ken Caryl’s trails are private and only open to residents, making them even more special and important to preserve. They could benefit from solar commercial lighting, which uses batteries to store power and produce light, eliminating the need for expensive trenching and installation of cabling, which are required for traditional on-grid lighting. This keeps the surrounding land intact and pristine. Plus, adding stable solar LED lighting to parks and trails contributes to community satisfaction; a greater sense of safety and security can lead to healthy activities later into the evening or early in the morning, facilitated by longer park hours each day.

Electricity is complex in Ken Caryl and Jefferson County, with areas serviced by multiple utility companies. Ken Caryl can take control of its electrical utility by switching its current street lighting to reliable, energy-efficient solar street lighting. This helps the community ensure fixed costs over the lifetime of the lighting and avoid the unknown costs of aging electrical infrastructure.

Ken Caryl is a unique place, and it can show its commitment to citizen satisfaction by choosing renewable energy solutions.

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