Seeking Sustainability in Westminster, Colorado

Westminster is located just northwest of Denver. It is home to about 110,000 and is the 7th largest city in the state. Westminster offers its citizens and visitors the Rocky Mountains in their backyard. It boasts numerous golf courses, and 2,910 acres of green space over 65 parks. Everyone in Westminster can find a park within a half-mile of their home, and the city has three dog parks for their four-legged friends.

A large economic development plan is in the works, with the city in a prime location between Denver and Boulder to take advantage of both cities’ workforces. A revitalized downtown core is under development, since the original mall there was demolished in 2012. Smart solar street lights are part of the plan, a feature that helps future-proof the city and make it more sustainable.

Westminster hired its first Chief Sustainability Officer in 2017, with the goal of developing a sustainability plan that includes energy, water, wastewater, and more. Now is the perfect time for the city to consider solar powered lighting options and how solar street and park lighting can fit into the bigger picture.

Finding Options for Sustainable Solar LED Lighting

The new sustainability plan for Westminster can include solar lighting, which offers a fixed cost for new projects as well as existing lighting locations, unlike the unknown price tags attached to repairing and retrofitting grid-connected lighting. Solar street lighting can be reliable for the long term when it is properly designed for the location.

Parks and trails in Westminster can use solar outdoor lighting to improve usability by adding a stronger sense of safety and security in the early morning and early evening hours.  Ensuring residents can safely walk in their neighborhood parks, walk to school, walk home from an evening event, or simply walk their dog around the neighborhood after work is a key to resident satisfaction.

Overall, the opportunities for Westminster at this juncture are many, and choosing solar lighting should be one opportunity the city doesn’t pass up.

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