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Understanding solar lighting opportunities for streets, parks, parking lots, and more

Thanks for your interest in solar lighting. Whether you are just beginning to research your lighting options for a project or you are ready to compare solar lighting manufacturers, we are here to help. Explore our solar lighting basics below, or delve deeper with more technical information further down the page.

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Today’s solar commercial lighting is challenging the status quo of on-grid lighting, allowing more municipalities, developers, and businesses to choose it for a greater share of projects than ever before.

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Need a local example? Start here with some of our favorite case studies from across the US. Looking for something closer to where you live? Contact us!

>> Aurora, Colorado: park lighting

>> Beaumont, California: street lights

>> Kansas City, Missouri: remote intersection

>> Wray, Colorado: long-lasting trail lighting

Solar lighting created a fixed, known cost for street light operation and removed the utility company from the design and construction process, which helped projects to reach completion faster than before.” – James Love, CEO of Beaumont Electric, Beaumont, California




Ready to compare the status quo on-grid lighting to our solar-powered solution? Get started with our Build & Price tool. When you’re done, compare our solar estimate to your typical project costs for on-grid lighting to see how solar measures up.

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and not all solar lighting manufacturers explain their products the same way, either. Our Ultimate Solar Lighting Guide explains the 3 steps to understanding commercial solar lighting specifications. Put your options on an equal playing field to make comparisons easy.


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