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Why choose solar lighting for a new project? Why switch to solar when existing infrastructure is already in place? Today’s solar lighting is more reliable than ever before, making it a viable alternative to on-grid, AC-powered lighting. You may already know that you can install solar lighting where on-grid lighting is impossible or cost-prohibitive, but today, you can also install solar lighting wherever on-grid lighting is the incumbent solution.

And while solar lighting can help decrease your electrical costs, reduce the carbon footprint of your facility, meet renewable mandates, and help you take advantage of renewable rebates and LEED® credits, the benefits extend beyond simply “going green.” Choosing solar can also reduce your installation costs, help you make positive changes in community behavior, bypass electrical infrastructure updates, reduce reliance on the utility company, and more. 

Check out our new solar lighting infographic

Around the world, other cities, military organizations, commercial properties, and national parks have benefitted from choosing solar lighting for streets, parks, pathways, security, parking lots, and much more. Our new infographic explores six key benefits of choosing commercial solar lighting for your project and some of the results you’ll see from making the switch. Scroll down to see the benefits and follow the links for more information.