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Government grant finances Kelowna’s solar-powered street and park lighting, helping reduce energy costs

solar pathway lights in rotary marsh in kelowna, british columbia, canada

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

Client: City of Kelowna

Products used: Carmanah EverGEN™ solar LED area lights

Overview: As part of its “Going Green” initiative, the City of Kelowna turned to solar outdoor lighting in an effort to reduce energy costs while increasing convenience, security, and visual appeal at the same time. The 100 self-contained solar area lights are used to illuminate public spaces in Kelowna and have various applications including parks, pedestrian and bike trails, accent lighting, and security and safety lighting.

Financed by a $500,000 Government of Canada grant, the Carmanah EverGEN™ series lighting systems do their part in helping Canadians reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency. Already one of British Columbia’s fastest growing cities, Kelowna’s wide-scale commitment to renewable energy technology has proven it to be one of Canada’s leading solar cities as well. 


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