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Solar LED Streetlights at Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin solar LED street lights

Location: Orlando, Florida

Client: Lockheed Martin, Lake Underhill Facility

Overview: Global security company Lockheed Martin’s 25-year-old street lights needed replacing—along with the underground wiring that powered them. With a goal of reducing its energy usage across its facilities worldwide, Lockheed sought an easy-to-install, electricity-independent, field-proven lighting system to seamlessly transition the facility’s lighting requirements. The system would also have to be cost effective—and in the past, solar LED street lights were not seen as a cost-effective option.

Project: After exploring cost comparisons between solar and AC-powered fixtures, Florida-based Carmanah distributor SESCO shared its results with Lockheed, and they revealed that using Carmanah solar LED street lights would offer significant cost savings in purchase price and maintenance over a 20-year period. Choosing the EverGEN™ 1520 solar LED street lights would allow for a seamless transition to reliable, cost-effective all-night operation.

In addition to pursuing the most economical option, Lockheed Martin also sought a sustainable solution, due in part to the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices—including pursuing energy-efficient lighting, something that the company had already installed successfully at some of its other facilities. Carmanah’s solar LED street lights offered a system that fulfilled those requirements, with no trenching required, long-lasting LEDs, and dark-sky friendly fixtures, among other benefits.

Distributor/Partner: SESCO Lighting

Products Used: Carmanah EverGEN™ 1520 solar LED street lights


FACT: The cost estimate for the EverGEN system was $342,000 over 20 years, compared to $563,000 for AC-powered street lights over the same timeframe, a savings of $221,000.

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