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  • Part 1

    Enter your traditional lighting project costs for each step below.
  • feet X
  • Cost to bring utility power to site (distance X cost per foot)
  • Cost of new service from utility/onsite building
  • light(s) X
  • Capital cost of grid-connected lights (number of lights X cost per light)
  • light(s) X
  • feet
  • Installed cost of lights (number of lights X distance in feet between each light X install cost per foot)
  • kWh X
  • watts
  • Energy/utility cost per project over ten years
  • hours X
  • Hours spent visiting project site per year X hourly rate over ten years
  • We've calculated E and F over a period of ten years
  • Part 2

    Now, compare it to our solar lighting system.

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  • Enter your Build & Price project cost
  • The average solar lighting installation is 8 lights per day. Calculate your installation costs below.

  • Solar has no ongoing utility costs, and requires no unnecessary site visits. Learn more about our solar technology here.

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