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Solar Pathway Lighting For Parks & Public Spaces

Well-lit green spaces can bring your community together and provide a sense of safety – regardless of the time of day.


Whether visiting the playground after dinner, walking home after a night out, or going for an early morning jog, people in your community will appreciate having their greenspaces and pathways illuminated.


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Why is solar ideal for parks and pathways?


The last thing you want to do to your precious parks and greenspaces is excavate them. Grid-connected lighting requires communities to do just that in order to hook up to electric wiring and install light fixtures. Installing solar lighting is dead easy – no digging required!


Another great perk of our solar products is they’re able to be adjusted remotely and dimmed on a schedule. That means you can minimize light pollution or go full blast when necessary.


Thut Park in Madison, Wisconsin was looking to light their park and pathways without the expensive installation and environmental disruption. Their custom setup included: Full intensity light at dusk for five hours before dimming to 25% of full intensity. Then their light returns to full intensity two hours before dawn.


Works even when the grid is down
Upgrade your community infrastructure
Zero carbon emissions
No trenching
solar pathway lighting

Why solar power beats electric lighting:


1. Price. When you factor in installation, maintenance and monthly energy costs, solar lighting is coming in far below traditional electric.


2. Reliability. Solar lights can last 10 years on a single battery, with no maintenance required. Plus, we offer 10 years of warranty with every product!


3. Self-sufficiency. By switching to solar lighting, you’ll no longer need to rely on the aging grid. That means no more power blackouts or brownouts!


4. The planet. Solar is 100% renewable, which means zero fossil fuels, zero electricity, and a smaller carbon footprint.


As part of an initiative to ‘go green’, the Canadian city of Kelowna was looking at solar lighting to reduce energy costs, while boosting security and visual appeal. Their 100 new self-contained Sol area lights are used to illuminate public parks and trails.


Read our complete list of advantages for solar, and how it can work for your community:


Guaranteed reliability for 10+ years


At Sol, we’re confident in the quality and durability of our solar lighting – so much so that every purchase comes with a guaranteed 10-year warranty. Our batteries also come with a standard 5-year warranty, along with the option to extend to 10 years.


Get ready to save big on maintenance costs. Our solar lights don’t have copper wires, which are highly susceptible to theft and hungry critters. Solar lights exist entirely off the grid, which means you won’t have to deal with the aging infrastructure that causes frequent mishaps and demands expensive repairs.


Our ‘Build & Price’ sizing engine can help you determine the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your park or pathway project. Get started here:


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