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    The EverGen-M is a reliable, high-powered, stand-alone solar lighting solution for all applications. This innovative product offers a straightforward and fast installation with unmatched performance and connected services on SunnApp.   Do you have a similar project or any other project? Talk to our sales team!  
    EverGen-M EverGen-M

    EverGen-M Features

    Lumen output
    1,500 to 12, 000 lumens
    10 to 100 W
    Lighting efficiency
    Up to 155 lm/W
    Color temperature options
    2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K or 5000 K
    Photovoltaic panels
    Photovoltaic modules (Monocrystalline silicon)
    170 to 400 Wp
    25 years
    Lead Acid
    1080 to 4320 Wh
    Operating temperature range
    -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to + 71°C)
    10 years
    7.33 to 15.52
    Mounting tenon
    3.5" OD x 6" long
    Weight (without pole)
    From 145 to 360 lbs (80 kg)

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