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Solar Lighting Solutions for Government Facilities

Solar-powered lighting is the optimal choice for military applications and federal facilities. This is due to the stringent energy, security, and safety requirements that the military demands. There is no margin for error or disruption when protecting your nation and citizens. Inadequacy is not acceptable. 


Benefit from True Durability


For your military and other federal facilities, reliability cannot be sacrificed. That’s why solar lighting is the best solution on the market – the durability and reliability are unmatched.


That’s because solar-powered lighting is immune to frustrating blackouts and brownouts that are prone to occur in urban and residential areas. In the event of a storm, random blackout or security breach, the light over your head shouldn’t be a focus of concern. With solar-powered lighting from Sol, you won’t have to worry about losing power ever again.


If you’re relying on the grid for electric lighting, your facilities are at the mercy of the aging power grid, liable to malfunction or underdeliver at any given time. For every dollar you sink into the grid, you’re risking public safety and security. Eliminate the risk and upgrade to solar.


Control Entire Systems from One Spot


As is often the case with military and other federal facilities, accessibility is not a primary concern. This can sometimes make activities like general maintenance more challenging. That’s where solar can help.


By choosing solar power over inferior electric lighting, you’ll retain the ability to remotely control each fixture from miles away. From one central hub, you’ll be able to assess and analyze lighting across multiple locations. Even better, Sol outdoor lighting will update you on exactly what needs to be fixed and when. Each individual fixture can communicate with your central command hub autonomously.


Why do Federal Facilities & Military go solar?

Choosing solar-powered lighting for military applications and federal facilities is wise—the military demands only the highest energy, security, and safety standards.

We must strive for excellence in protecting our nation and citizens, leaving no room for mistakes or disruptions.

Works even when the grid is down

Electric street lights can be a source of frustration for military and federal facilities, as utility companies can take weeks or even months to deliver and repair them. By switching to solar-powered lights, military and federal facilities can achieve true resilience. Even during natural disasters, solar lights can continue to function, providing a reliable source of safety and security for the community.

Complete layout flexibility

Solar lighting solutions offer complete layout flexibility, making them an ideal choice for military and federal facilities looking for lighting solutions that can be customized to their specific needs. Unlike traditional lighting infrastructure, solar lighting solutions do not require a complex network of cables and power sources, allowing them to be installed virtually anywhere.

Zero carbon emissions

Military and federal facilities are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices. Solar lighting solutions offer a zero-carbon emissions option, making them an ideal choice for military and federal facilities looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Reduced infrastructure costs

Your military or federal facility could save a small fortune by switching from tradition, grid-connected lighting to solar lighting. Solar lighting is easily the more cost effective option. Installation costs are minimal, as nothing needs to be dug or trenched. No monthly electricity costs!

6 Reasons for choosing

   Industry-leading warranty


10-year municipal grade warranty on the entire system, battery included.

   Meet & maintain light level targets


Sol’s products are built to meet and maintain required light levels while limiting light pollution and avoiding unnecessary health and environment impacts.

   Reduce down-time and maintenance costs


With cloud-based remote monitoring alerts and local wireless diagnostics, troubleshooting and repairs are quick and easy.

   Buy American Act compliant 


Sol operates a manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas and 87% of the components used in the EverGen M Series are made in America.

   Dark-Sky friendly


Illuminate only when and where you need it with Dark-Sky Approved fixtures, scheduled dimming and motion detection.

   Severe weather resistant 


Our products are designed to withstand extreme heat or cold, and category five hurricanes. All our products are custom-sized to perform reliably regardless of location.

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    Our product range

      The EverGen Series is a range of high power, modular solar lighting solutions designed to illuminate projects across a wide variety of applications, including streets and roadways, parks, trails, parking lots, commercial and military facilities.

       Sized for year-round performance

       Patented blackout prevention algorithm

       Asset management and remote monitoring

       Made in the USA
      The UP® Series is a range of unique all-in-two solar lights that deliver unrivaled performance in a diverse range of environments, thanks to its high-density NiMH battery and advanced Energy Management System (EMS).

       Intelligent EMS that maximizes battery life

       Patented anti-blackout algorithm

       Built to withstand harsh conditions

       Motion detection option
      Featuring sleek, all-in-one design and horizontal solar panels, the iSSL Series is the world’s most reliable stand-alone solar lighting solution with guaranteed performance 365 days/year.

       Smart lighting management

       Fast installation

       Extreme climate resistance

       10-year warranty
      Our Retrofit kits let you quickly and easily upgrade your lights to the latest technology without investing in (and installing) an entirely new system.

       Extend your warranty

       Save money

       Take advantage of new features

       Quick to deploy

       Compatible with both Sol and non-Sol systems
      Evergen M Ral8019 Canvas Large
      UP2 ATB Micro RAL9010
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