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Case study   22 April 2023


Sustainable Perimeter Lighting for Canada’s Largest Solar Farm: The Ultimate Reliable Lighting Solution


Canada’s largest solar farm contracted with Sol by Sunna Design to provide sustainable perimeter lighting for safety and security. The 465-megawatt solar power station was developed by Greengate Power and is located near Travers, Alberta, Canada.



    Alberta, CANADA


solar solution for a secure perimeter in Alberta, CANADA



As the demand for reliable and sustainable lighting options grows, engineers and specifiers across the US are exploring remote solutions to upgrade existing lighting systems. This case study illustrates the benefits of solar lighting solutions, and highlights the reliability and performance of one of the best solar lighting options available for grid-less projects, even in northern climates.

solar solution for a secure perimeter in Alberta, CANADA

Our Solution


Sol provided 34 UP2 solar lighting systems with motion sensors. The UP2 systems are self-contained units that consist of a steel light pole, two dedicated solar panels for power generation, a high-density NIMH battery for energy storage, and a high-performance LED fixture for efficient illumination. These components work together to create a sustainable and reliable lighting solution that requires no infrastructure and is independent from the grid, making it an ideal choice for remote projects.


With a properly designed system, northern solar lighting works effectively and can withstand cold temperatures and snow. The UP2 systems are built for exceptional performance in cold weather, featuring adaptive lighting algorithms that ensure sustainable, dusk-to-dawn illumination in all seasons. Their unique all-in-two design allows for fast and easy installation.


The UP2 system has an exceptional track record of reliability, and each unit is tested before leaving the factory. Sol’s industry-leading 10-year warranty was another important factor in the decision-making process. Key partners in the project included Greengate (project owner), AM Agency (Sol’s lighting agent), and PCL Construction (project general contractor).



The Travers Solar Project is located on approximately 3,330 acres of rural land. Greengate Power, a Canadian renewable energy company, was seeking to install lighting at the numerous entrances along the perimeter of the expansive solar farm. These lights would need to operate at a dimmed level from dusk to dawn and increase brightness for safety and security whenever motion was detected at any individual gate.


The lighting solution also needed to be energy-efficient and operate independently of the solar farm’s own power generation. In addition, each light would need to be a standalone, easy-to-install unit. An industry-leading warranty was essential to the client.


Solar lighting has become an attractive choice for remote projects due to its energy efficiency, long service life, and low maintenance requirements. Solar lighting in snow and cold temperatures presents unique design challenges. Travers is north of the 50th parallel and experiences winter lows of −22°F (−30°C), so any solar lighting system would need to feature extreme weather resistance and batteries capable of providing reliable performance in this climate.

Project results


Sol’s UP2 solar lighting systems provided reliable and sustainable perimeter lighting for Canada’s largest solar power installation. This project supports Alberta’s commitment to eliminate coal-powered generation emissions and reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing a sustainable lighting solution, Greengate Power is contributing to improving the health and well-being of Alberta’s 4.4 million residents.


Solar lighting provides significant energy savings and has become popular for street lighting and other outdoor applications. Sol offers a comprehensive range of solar lighting solutions with the flexibility to meet the rigorous design demands of remote community projects. The success of the Travers Solar Project demonstrates the versatility and reliability of solar lighting for northern climates and other challenging conditions.


If you’re a specifier or engineer looking for reliable lighting systems, consider the sustainable and reliable solar lighting solutions offered by Sol by Sunna Design.


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