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Not all solar lights are created equal. Leveraging 30 years of experience in solar lighting and extensive research and development, we have developed a solar lighting technology that is second to none. Every component we use has been carefully tested and selected to enhance the system’s reliability and autonomy, allowing us to deliver a product that performs optimally in every climate. Our track record speaks for itself, with over 100,000 outdoor lighting systems installed in more than 60 countries.


How does solar lighting work ?




Solar panels convert sunlight energy into electricity. We use high-efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic panels enclosed in our frameless body to prevent dust accumulation. Our panels can be tilted up to 50° to maximize the solar energy it gathers in higher latitudes.






Batteries store the electricity produced during the day to power the LED fixture at night. Each battery technology has its advantages so why settle for only one? Sol’s products are compatible with Lead Acid, Gel, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4) batteries. We will select the most appropriate technology for your project to optimize cost and performance.




Multiple battery options to meet every project need

Your project is unique, and so is our approach to battery selection. Unlike most commercial solar lighting manufacturers relying on just one type of battery technology, we select the most suitable battery type for your project. 

Different battery technologies such as LFP, Gel, AGM, and NiMH each have distinct chemical properties that impact the solar light’s charging and operating temperature range, service life, cost, and recyclability.

Our compact iSSL® and UP® series are powered by high-density Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries known for their wide operating temperature range (-40°F to +158°F) and long service life of over 10 years. This ensures they can be installed anywhere in the United States and Canada.


Our modular EverGen® range offers flexibility in battery chemistry. While our EverGen® M operates on cost-effective and easily replaceable and recyclable AGM or Gel batteries, our newest L and N series are also compatible with NiMH and LifePo4 technologies, making the EverGen® system the most adaptable and reliable solar lighting system ever built!

Whether your main concern is cost, autonomy, maintenance or extreme weather conditions, Sol’s solar lighting systems are uniquely designed to meet and exceed your requirement.

battery discharge comparison

Smart Energy Management System and Controls


The energy management system is the brain of every solar lighting system, and our SunnaCore® and EverGen® EMS truly exemplify this as technology powerhouses.  Using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), Sol’s built-in electronics guarantee efficient solar energy collection to optimize battery charge and deliver power to the fixture effectively.


Our EMS incorporates a built-in LED driver designed to maximize the efficacy of the lighting fixture. Multiple pre-configured lighting profiles are embedded in the firmware, allowing you to choose from options such as constant lighting from dusk to dawn, scheduled dimming or even turning off lights at a specific time. Our SunnaCore® EMS even includes motion sensing for profiles with scheduled dimming, ensuring the lights remain at full brightness when you need them most.


Both SunnaCore® and EverGen® EMS feature Adaptive Lighting Technology, which activates after several consecutive days of rainy weather. By correlating the length of the night and the amount of energy available in the battery, the EMS can autonomously determine whether the pre-set operating profile is sustainable or if it needs to switch to a less energy-consuming profile to ensure uninterrupted power throughout the night.

Fixtures built for efficacy and performance


A significant difference between solar lights and conventional grid lights lies in power availability. While the efficacy of fixtures (lumen/watt) or optical performance isn’t a pressing concern with grid-connected lights, they become vital considerations when using solar lights. These aspects are key differentiators among manufacturers.

At Sol, we leverage the performance of our solar engines by pairing them with high-efficacy light fixtures and luminaires from top-tier manufacturers to meet IES lighting standards. This allows us to achieve a high-lumen output with less power, enabling us to specify fewer systems per project while still meeting your light-level requirements.

We offer multiple color temperature options ranging from turtle-friendly amber lights to 3000K and 4000K, as well as a variety of optics aligned with IES distribution types.

In the example to the left, our lights may be more expensive than a competitor’s per lighting system, but since only 3 systems are required to meet the same light levels and uniformity as the 8 required by the competitor, our overall project cost is lower.


Check out our solar street light comparison chart to see how our solar street light compares to the competition—those both on and off the grid.

Helpful data when you want it, automatic alerts when you need.


Every EverGen® solar light comes equipped with cloud-based remote monitoring straight out of the box.

Using remote satellite monitoring, Sol Insight™ provides real-time data on your lights so you know they are performing as they should. If an unforeseen issue arises following the installation or develops over time, you don’t need to wait for a routine inspection or a call from a resident – you will receive an immediate email notification, allowing you to reduce downtime and ensuring your time and resources are used effectively.


Our iSSL® and UP® series come equipped with point-to-point remote monitoring and controls using our dedicated mobile app: Sunnapp®. Leveraging the interoperability of Zhaga® smart nodes and Networked Lighting Controllers (NLC), our products can also be integrated into any supervision platform to be monitored from the comfort of your office.


Whether through Sol Insight™ or your own smart cities central management software application, every Sol light can be monitored as conveniently as conventional grid lights.

USA-Made Tech with Unbeatable Warranty


Sol’s solar lights are engineered to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. With thousands of units successfully installed in harsh environments around the globe, we have confidence in the long-term reliability of our solar lights. This testament to quality is reflected in the 10-year municipal-grade warranty we offer on the entire system, including the battery. This warranty provides you with a decade of assured performance and peace of mind, minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing your return on investment.

We manufacture our lights right here in the US, using only the best American-made and imported parts. The local production not only ensures that we adhere to strict quality standards, but also supports American jobs and the local economy. Our solar street lights qualify for Buy American Act compliance.


Learn more about how Buying American Solar Lights benefits your project.





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