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We take the complication out of the equation

New solar outdoor lighting technology is easy with Sol


Our 20+ years of experience means you can count on us to be the expert and provide you with reliable products that perform as promised.

There are many choices for outdoor lighting in your city, and the solution you select should be reliable and easy. Here are three ways that choosing our EverGen M Series lighting system is a decision that will offer long-term self-reliance while keeping it simple for you.

checkmark Your decision made simple: we guarantee performance.


From meeting (and sustaining) your light levels to ensuring you have backup power, the EverGen will work for the long term—and we’ll give you a 10-year system and battery warranty to guarantee it.


See how our EverGen solar-powered smart city lighting system compares to traditional grid-connected lights as well as some typical solar competitors. The chart below identifies some basic considerations, using a collector road in California as a base to compare each lighting option.

>> Learn more about why switching aging infrastructure to solar-powered smart city lighting can benefit your community.

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checkmark Your decision made simple: we’re here from order to installation and beyond.


When you choose the EverGen, our team of experts has your back. We’re here every step of the way:


  • Order: Get a customized lighting layout. You’ll work with one of our engineers, who will determine how many systems you need, where they should be placed, and what lighting profile they require to work for the long term.


  • Installation: Access our network of Sol Certified Contractors. A trained contractor can install your EverGen systems quickly and correctly.


  • Beyond: EverGen has built-in smart technology — the Insight remote monitoring platform will oversee your entire network of solar lights and provide automatic notifications to your dashboard following any system performance issues that might arise. Plus, our North American customer support team is available if you have any questions.

checkmark Your decision made simple: we offer long-term reliability.


We are proud of the workmanship that goes into every EverGen light, which is assembled in Texas using quality US and Canadian parts. We know how annoying and expensive battery replacements can be—and our 10-year battery warranty proves we’re here to help you avoid them. In fact, we ensure the entire system is built to last, meeting recognized standards and certifications. Maintenance will be simple with Sol.


Our smart city lighting and lanterns have held up to the rugged demands of all branches of the US military, US Coast Guard, and National Park Service.


Don’t make it complicated.



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