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Sustainable Solar Lighting For Native American Communities

Solar lighting is the new go-to option for Native American communities because they’re able to lower operating and maintenance costs, benefit from guaranteed performance in case of an emergency, and free themselves from the aging grid.


solar street lighting along a road in Napranum Aboriginal Shire solar solution for a secure perimeter in Alberta, CANADA

Brighten Your Community


Solar lighting can be used to light roads, trails and facilities, making your community safe and secure for residents – no matter the time of day or night. The best part? Solar is less costly than traditional grid-connected lighting.


That’s why Native American communities around the country are switching to solar lighting to brighten their neighborhoods. At Sol, we’re proud to partner directly with local community members, municipalities, counties, and organizations like Native Energy Solutions to figure out a custom solution that works for that community.



Arizona highway

Solar is Ideal for Native American Tribes


From installation to maintenance to monthly energy costs, there’s no doubt solar is the most cost-effective option for lighting your Native American community. And by switching to solar-powered lighting, you’re also taking your public spaces off the grid. Aside from the huge cost savings on electricity, solar lighting will make your community resilient for decades to come. That’s because solar is immune to power outages or brownouts. Your local economy will be free to thrive and grow, without being slowed down by aging public infrastructure, unpredictable service, and power supply issues.


Solar lighting is far easier to install compared with traditional electric lighting. You won’t have to dig trenches for each fixture, and you won’t have to worry about copper wire theft (there is none!). Solar lighting requires little maintenance, and with our 10-year guaranteed warranty, you don’t have to spend a dime on repairs.



Why do Native American Communities go solar?

Native American Communities go solar to make their neighbourhoods safer and less-reliant on the grid. Plus, little maintenance is required and the warranty has their back.

Let’s make unreliable, electricity-sucking street lights a thing of the past.

Works even when the grid is down

Electric street lights can be a source of frustration for Native American communities, as utility companies can take weeks or even months to deliver and repair them. By switching to solar-powered lights, Native American communities can achieve true resilience. Even during natural disasters, solar lights can continue to function, providing a reliable source of safety and security for the community.

Complete layout flexibility

Solar lighting solutions offer complete layout flexibility, making them an ideal choice for Native American communities looking for lighting solutions that can be customized to their specific needs. Unlike traditional lighting infrastructure, solar lighting solutions do not require a complex network of cables and power sources, allowing them to be installed virtually anywhere. 

Zero carbon emissions

Native American communities are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices. Solar lighting solutions offer a zero-carbon emissions option, making them an ideal choice for Native American communities looking to reduce their environmental impact. 

Reduced infrastructure costs

Your community could save a small fortune by switching from tradition, grid-connected lighting to solar lighting. Solar lighting is easily the more cost effective option. Installation costs are minimal, as nothing needs to be dug or trenched. No monthly electricity costs!

6 Reasons for choosing

   Industry-leading warranty


10-year municipal grade warranty on the entire system, battery included.

   Meet & maintain light level targets


Sol’s products are built to meet and maintain required light levels while limiting light pollution and avoiding unnecessary health and environment impacts.

   Reduce down-time and maintenance costs


With cloud-based remote monitoring alerts and local wireless diagnostics, troubleshooting and repairs are quick and easy.

   Buy American Act compliant 


Sol operates a manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas and 87% of the components used in the EverGen M Series are made in America.

   Dark-Sky friendly


Illuminate only when and where you need it with Dark-Sky Approved fixtures, scheduled dimming and motion detection.

   Severe weather resistant 


Our products are designed to withstand extreme heat or cold, and category five hurricanes. All our products are custom-sized to perform reliably regardless of location.

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