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Case study March 2017

Power generating station saves $2 million with solar powered security lights


When a power-generating station in the Southwest US was looking to illuminate their 1,000-meter long perimeter fence, solar powered security lights were not top of mind.


Despite the abundance of electricity on the grounds, the power-generating station required an outdoor lighting system that could function in complete isolation from the grid, as mandated at power stations throughout the US. The facility needed to find generators that could power the lights independently, or source outdoor lighting systems that could generate their own power.


  Perimeter & Security

    Southwest USA

  EverGEN™ 1530 solar LED lights

perimeter lighting layout

Project Overview:


The facility selected the stand-alone EverGEN 1530 solar LED light, designed specifically for industrial-scale applications such as parking lot and perimeter lighting. In their decision to choose solar powered security lights, economics also had a significant role to play. Including time and installation costs, the utility company anticipated it saved an estimated $2 million USD by choosing to go solar.


Security requirements aside, the EverGEN solar powered security lights also help underscore the power company’s commitment to renewable energies and sustainable business practices while presenting an economical alternative to traditional grid-powered lighting systems.


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