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Sunna Design Lights the Way: Achieving New Milestones in 2023


In 2023, Sunna Design, the leader in connected solar lighting, has continued its remarkable journey, surpassing key milestones and advancing its strategic plan. Advancements with partnerships in North America and in Africa are propelling the Sunna Design Group forward. The team met in Bordeaux in July 2023 for a group seminar to learn and discuss the future.



In 2023, Sunna Design, the leader in connected solar lighting, has continued its remarkable journey, surpassing key milestones and advancing its strategic plan. Let’s delve into the exciting developments of the company:

✨ Illuminating Growth: Sunna Design experienced remarkable expansion, marked by the successful acquisition of major projects and a surge in order intakes across North America and Europe. Notably, the company secured a groundbreaking €40 million contract to deploy 50,000 autonomous solar street lights in rural Togo. This transformative project, combined with another significant contract slated for 2022, showcases Sunna Design’s technological prowess and ability to support large-scale infrastructure initiatives, ultimately improving the lives of millions in non-electrified areas.


🌍 Embracing Recurring Markets: Strategic investments in recurring markets, particularly North America and Europe, have yielded exceptional growth with order intakes skyrocketing by over 40%. Sunna Design has bolstered its sales networks, expanding its presence in the United States and France while venturing into new territories like Spain and Italy, where initial orders are already flowing in. These endeavors cement Sunna Design’s position as a leading provider of solar lighting solutions across various markets.


🤝 Synergistic Brilliance: The integration process with SOL Inc., the historical leader in solar lighting in North America acquired in 2020, has been successfully completed. This seamless integration enables Sunna Design to offer a comprehensive range of solar lighting solutions, spanning from the compact iSSL+ range to the high-power EverGen range. Cross-selling synergies between the two product lines accounted for more than 12% of revenues in 2023, showcasing their complementarity and delivering tailored solutions to clients’ diverse needs.


⚙️ Operational Excellence: Despite global component supply challenges, Sunna Design’s dedicated supply and R&D teams have diligently ensured the continuity of production, maintaining exceptional quality standards while managing supply costs amid inflationary pressures. This operational resilience has been pivotal in sustaining the company’s growth and customer satisfaction.


💡 Innovating for the Future: Sunna Design’s commitment to innovation and service excellence remains unwavering. The EverGen range has expanded beyond the United States, empowering clients to make precise lighting choices for each unique project and application. Additionally, the Services division and IoT/Beyond Lighting segments have contributed significantly to 2023’s growth, accounting for nearly 15% of revenues. Sunna Design has made notable strides in the development of next-generation electronic cards, laying the foundation for exciting product launches in 2022.


💰 Financial Performance and Future Growth: Sunna Design’s operational profitability reached a significant milestone in Q4 2021, reflecting the company’s solid financial performance. With a robust order book projecting hyper-growth for several years ahead, Sunna Design is poised for substantial investments in future development.


Looking ahead, Sunna Design anticipates a promising future across its three market segments:

1️⃣ Access to Energy: The pressing need for energy access in areas with limited or no electricity continues to drive demand. Sunna Design’s solutions align perfectly with the growing number of nationwide deployments, supported by international financing.


2️⃣ Urban Environment and Mature Countries: Public and private entities increasingly seek solutions to reduce carbon footprints and energy bills. Sunna Design’s value proposition aligns perfectly with this sustainability trend, and the company expects the momentum to accelerate further.


3️⃣ IoT and Beyond Lighting Applications: The proliferation of IoT devices remains on an upward trajectory, and Sunna Design’s technology, known for its resilience, easy wireless deployment, and reliability, has garnered initial successes in security, telecom, and urban furniture sectors. These triumphs, coupled with the identification of potential customer cases, indicate promising growth prospects in this domain.


In this optimistic landscape, Sunna Design is poised to accelerate its strategic plan for 2022, welcoming new talents, strengthening existing markets, exploring new territories, and actively seeking partnerships and acquisitions to unlock further growth opportunities. With innovation as its guiding light, Sunna Design continues to redefine the future of solar lighting and drive sustainable change on a global scale.

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