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From pathways to freeways, we reshape cityscapes with sustainable lighting. 

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As North America’s trusted solar lighting partner, we provide products, education, and support to clients of all sizes and descriptions, from local governments to international corporations. Want to learn the benefits of ‘going solar’ for your organization? Click on one of the tiles below.

City road with passing cars lit by solar street lamps



Drone view of a military site with solar-powered streetlamps


Federal & Military

Major US highways scaled by solar-powered streetlights



Residential area in the United States with decorative solar street lamps



Explore our solutions

    The EverGen Series is a range of high power, modular solar lighting solutions designed to illuminate projects across a wide variety of applications, including streets and roadways, parks, trails, parking lots, commercial and military facilities.

     Sized for year-round performance

     Patented blackout prevention algorithm

     Asset management and remote monitoring

     Made in the USA
    The UP® Series is a range of unique all-in-two solar lights that deliver unrivaled performance in a diverse range of environments, thanks to its high-density NiMH battery and advanced Energy Management System (EMS).

     Intelligent EMS that maximizes battery life

     Patented anti-blackout algorithm

     Built to withstand harsh conditions

     Motion detection option
    Featuring sleek, all-in-one design and horizontal solar panels, the iSSL Series is the world’s most reliable stand-alone solar lighting solution with guaranteed performance 365 days/year.

     Smart lighting management

     Fast installation

     Extreme climate resistance

     10-year warranty
    Our Retrofit kits let you quickly and easily upgrade your lights to the latest technology without investing in (and installing) an entirely new system.

     Extend your warranty

     Save money

     Take advantage of new features

     Quick to deploy

     Compatible with both Sol and non-Sol systems
    Evergen M Ral8019 Canvas Large
    UP2 ATB Micro RAL9010
    ISSL+ 9010
    SPM DBL 125W Fev23 VueEclatee OFF ElementsDecales VueG V2

    Financing solar lighting


    There’s never been a better time to invest in solar lighting. From government grants to tax credits to subscription-based pricing, there’s no shortage of ways to fund your project and start reaping the benefits of solar.


    6 Reasons to choose Sol


    Choosing Sol by Sunna Design means investing in quality, reliability, and innovation in solar lighting. With decades of experience, thousands of installs, and a deep commitment to research and development, we have a strong record of delivering durable, low-maintenance solutions that provide cost savings and environmental benefits. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, increase resiliency, or make a positive, forward-thinking change in your community, Sol has the solution.

    35 years of solar lighting expertise

    Comprehensive product portfolio

    Industry-leading warranty

    Made in USA

    Meet & maintain light level targets

    Engineered for low to no maintenance

    +150 000

    Solutions deployed worldwide

    +1 500




    +15 000 000

    People impacted

    Get to know solar


    Solar technology evolves fast. We can help you keep pace. Our articles are aimed at helping you build your solar lighting knowledge while staying on top of the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

    Unveiling the truth behind fixture efficacy claims

    What RP-8-22 says about adaptive lighting—and what it means for solar

    Leveraging the enhanced Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar lighting

    Case studies

    Solar lights deliver reliability and resiliency to new Florida developments

    Overview Florida is growing at a breakneck pace. Nearly a quarter of a million people moved to the state in 2022, lured by its appealing climate, thriving economy, and larger, more affordable houses. Developers have responded to the population boom with scores of new residential projects, transforming large tracts of undeveloped […]

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    Case studies

    Moreno Valley’s new solar lights enhance dog park usability and safety year-round

    Overview Two swaths of green against the dry California desert, Hound Town is a dog park located at the edge of Moreno Valley, which is itself at the edge of the Greater Los Angeles area. The park’s relatively remote location made lighting it a challenge, given that traditional lighting requires a grid connection, and […]

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    Case studies

    The solar transformation of Highland’s Erie Lackawanna Trail

    Overview The over 17-mile Erie Lackawanna bike trail passes through a number of towns in Lake County, Indiana, connecting their communities through what is known as a “Rails to Trails” project. Part of a national effort in 1992, the trail sits on the former Erie Lackawanna Railroad track. Residents of Highland, Indiana wanted […]

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    Case studies

    ODOT’s Journey to Safer Roads with Sol

    Streets and roadways Kansas, Oklahoma EverGen M The Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Devotion to Safety with Solar Lighting The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) discovered a problem when they decided to convert a historically dangerous two-way stop into a safer, more efficient roundabout. Budgetary constraints prohibited the organization from […]

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