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Moreno Valley’s new solar lights enhance dog park usability and safety year-round



Two swaths of green against the dry California desert, Hound Town is a dog park located at the edge of Moreno Valley,  which is itself at the edge of the Greater Los Angeles area. The park’s relatively remote location made lighting it a challenge, given that traditional lighting requires a grid connection, and running cables out to the park would be extremely expensive.


But providing an accessible and safe place for people and pets was a priority for City officials, so they began seeking out alternative lighting options. In partnership with South Coast Lighting, who determined the project’s specific requirements, the Sol team entered the project and ultimately delivered a solution that satisfied both the city and park users.


  Park & Pathway

    Moreno Valley, California

iSSL Maxi 4

Close-up of Sol's iSSL solar light at a dog park with trees, agility equipment, dog owners, and dogs



The biggest problem Moreno Valley officials had was Hound Town’s location. Set far from the main road and surrounded by scrubland, traditional lighting solutions were nearly impossible to implement. Trenching for underground wiring would not only disrupt the landscape but also send the project’s costs upward.


Additionally, with many pet owners visiting the park early in the morning or late in the day to beat the heat, providing adequate, reliable lighting during these hous was essential.

Three of Sol's iSSL solar lights lining a fence at a dog park in California with a covered shade area, parked car, and hills against a clear sky in the background



Sol entered the project along with South Coast Lighting to provide expert lighting consultation and products that addressed their specific needs. After producing detailed photometrics, Sol recommended the optimal layout and number of lights to effectively light the park. The all-in-one iSSL Maxi 4 product was determined to be the right product for the job.


Maxi4 Specs

  • AWR (Type 4) Distribution
  • 4000K Color Temperature
  • Motion-Sensor
  • 40W
  • 7000 Lumens


The Maxi4 at 40W was the ideal product for Hound Town as it functioned independently from the grid and required zero trenching. Its light distribution was also a prime factor, as eight of the high-performing Maxi 4 products were capable of lighting the entire three-and-a-half-acre park.


The city received highly efficient lighting products that adhered to its budget and provided a safe environment for park users.

Two of Sol's iSSL solar lights at a dog park with agility equipment, trees, and covered areas with benches



Since the lights were installed, thousands of pets and their owners have visited Hound Town at all hours of the day. The project was a win for everyone involved: the city remained on budget and on schedule, residents and pets can now enjoy one of their local amenities whenever is convenient and comfortable, and Sol got to show what solar lighting can do for communities, no matter how near or far they are to the grid.


Are you looking to improve a local hangout with reliable, quality lighting? To learn more about further opportunities and get assistance with implementing solar lighting solutions, contact Sol today.


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