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Case study December 2023


Sol designs new solar lighting for Florida lake trail



Sol’s solar lighting was recently added to Wellen Park Trail in Sarasota County, Florida. The project incorporates 77 iSSL+ all-in-one systems designed by Sol to provide environmentally friendly illumination for the walkway and nature trail in this new residential community.


Sol’s lighting systems were specifically designed to be energy-efficient, low maintenance, easy to install, and they are built tough and versatile to withstand various weather conditions. The resilient, grid-independent lighting solution maximizes both the safety and the natural beauty of the site while minimizing installation time and costs for the developer.


  Park & Pathway

    Sarasota County, Florida


Project Requirements


The lake trail project represented several difficult design challenges. The developer wanted a lighting solution that would be energy-efficient, durable, and low-maintenance. The trail was situated in a scenic natural environment, so it was important that installation, operation, and maintenance of the lighting systems would not disturb the local terrain or vegetation. Similarly, the lighting solution should work in harmony with the site’s natural beauty and further enhance the trail’s appeal for residents and visitors.


The developer sought a lighting system that would be cost-effective and quick to install, without requiring the digging of trenches for power cables. To avoid disrupting the circadian rhythms of resident wildlife, and to avoid damaging the aesthetics of the scenery, the lighting solution would have to limit light pollution and conform to dark-sky principles—while still providing high-quality trail illumination for trail users’ safety.

Sol’s Solution


The solution Sol designed to illuminate the walking trail consists of 77 iSSL+ all-in-one systems. These systems deliver dark-sky friendly, warm white 3000K color temperature light. They use a narrow optical distribution pattern that covers the trail area efficiently and limits stray light, to reduce light pollution and prevent disruption of the day–night cycles of the local flora and fauna. This enhances the natural beauty of the site while providing safe access for trail users.


The environmentally friendly, energy-efficient design of Sol’s solar lighting system significantly reduces the community’s carbon footprint and contributes to a greener future. The iSSL+ systems use a proprietary smart lighting management system to constantly monitor weather data and battery charge state to ensure the light will stay on even through the longest overcast periods. This provides a long-lasting, resilient lighting option that is fully independent of grid-supplied power.


One ISSL+ unit can be installed in 20 minutes, and this fast and easy installation process reduces labor costs for the developer. The choice of solar lighting eliminates the need to invest in additional costly infrastructure or to dig trenches to install AC wiring, reducing costs as well as disruption to the local environment and wildlife habitats. The low maintenance requirements make these lighting systems an attractive long-term investment.

The iSSL+ lighting systems are built tough and versatile to endure harsh weather. Engineered to operate from −40 °F to 158 °F and withstand Category 5 hurricanes, they will continue to provide consistent illumination and safety for trail users through all weather conditions.

Projects Results


Overall, Sol’s solar lighting solution offered an ideal blend of functionality, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. The iSSL+ systems have demonstrated their reliability and effectiveness in the local community and are providing consistent illumination and contributing to a safer environment for all lake trail users during the evening hours.


Residents can now enjoy an evening walk along the lake trail in the warm and inviting glow of sustainable solar lighting. The tranquil lighting perfectly complements the serene atmosphere of the lake and will enhance the enjoyment of this beautiful trail for years to come.


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