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Case study November 2021

Sol Partners with the City of Madera and ENGIE for a More Energy-Efficient City


  Streets and Roadways

    Madera, California

  150 EverGen-M Series systems

Madera streets



Madera, California is a city focused on the future. Madera’s city manager Arnoldo Rodrigues recently announced a partnership with ENGIE to install 150 solar streetlights in the city. This marks the first phase of an $18.8 million project that will transform the city of Madera into an energy-efficient, socially responsible city.


In addition to providing environmental benefits, the new solar lighting will save tax money and provide additional security to the neighborhoods where the lights are installed. A well-lit street can help ward off potential criminal activity.

The 150 new solar lights will ensure that Madera residents stay safe and never have to worry about reporting an outage since the lights run entirely on solar power.


The project will also save taxpayers a substantial amount of money since the lights operate from off-grid systems.

Madera is one of many cities in California that ENGIE is working with to improve safety and save taxpayer money using solar energy. Sol is pleased to partner with ENGIE and the city of Madera and expects additional opportunities in the future with continued partnerships with SEL North and ENGIE.

Project Requirements:


The city of Madera expects to reduce its electricity consumption by 70 percent over the next 30 years, hedging against anticipated increases in energy rates. So it was looking for a way to start the project as the city transitions from relying on electric power to finding more sustainable alternatives.


Several streets within the city limits of Madera lack the infrastructure needed to install traditional electricity-based lighting systems. On these streets, solar-powered energy is the best solution because it does not require access to electricity. At the same time, there is no need to remove mature trees or reconstruct driveways or sidewalks to install solar lighting systems.


Therefore, installing solar lights ensures that the people of Madera can continue enjoying the beauty and shade that trees provide while also experiencing the added safety benefits of lighted pathways.

Evergen M

The Solution:


Adding 150 solar-powered street lights was an ideal solution to begin Madera’s process of becoming an energy-efficient city. Working with ENGIE and Sol, the city decided to use an EverGen M series solar lighting system due to its high-performance ratings and reliability.


This system perfectly fits the city of Madera’s requirements for a sustainable, cost-effective lighting system. A primary advantage of using this system from Sunna is the battery guarantee of 20 years. In addition, Sunna provides a solar panel guarantee of 25 years.


The EverGen M series has several other benefits, including ensuring compliance with IES light level recommendations, remote monitoring that sends notifications when a light needs attention, and dark-sky controls that minimize wasted light and money. In addition, EverGen M series lights are easy and quick to set up. They can be installed in a single day using Bluetooth® wireless technology and mobile applications.



Sol’s experience with solar sizing, remote monitoring, and local support sets it apart from other solar companies. Sol plans on helping Madera reach its goal of reducing the city’s overall carbon footprint as it transitions its existing inventory of HVAC units and lighting fixtures at public facilities to modern energy-efficient equivalents.

Madera streets

Results for the City of Madera:


The newly installed solar-powered streetlights in Madera enhance neighborhood security and provide more safety for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.


In addition to benefiting residents and drivers, the 150 streetlights have impacted 17 facilities throughout the city of Madera. These include fire stations 56 and 57, the airport, the police department, City Hall, Millview Park, Lions Town & County Park, and the Wastewater Treatment Plant.



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