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Case study January 2018

New EverGen M Series brings warm light to busy event center parking lot


Located in the same area as Sol’s corporate headquarters, the Da Vinci Center was a prime candidate to showcase sustainability in the area. With many events on the schedule, from cooking classes to weddings, this 4,000 square foot event center saw an opportunity to add efficient solar lighting to its parking lot.


  Parking Lot

     Victoria, BC

  2 EverGen M-Series parking lights

Victoria parking lot



The Da Vinci Center needed lights that could be installed without disrupting the existing infrastructure on site. Not only does solar lighting help reduce overall cost by eliminating the need to dig trenches for wiring, but it also makes installation easier, especially for this type of renovation.


Our Solution:


Sol supplied two EverGen M series lighting systems to light the parking lot. With dark sky friendly LED fixtures with a light color temperature of 3,000K, the systems will provide a warm, focused light for this mixed-use area.

Watch our assembly and installation overview video to see these lights being installed :

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