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Case study February 2024


ODOT’s Journey to Safer Roads with Sol


  Streets and roadways

    Kansas, Oklahoma

  EverGen M

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Devotion to Safety with Solar Lighting


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) discovered a problem when they decided to convert a historically dangerous two-way stop into a safer, more efficient roundabout. Budgetary constraints prohibited the organization from relocating any utilities or constructing more traditional outdoor lights to ensure the roundabout was lit properly. ODOT identified a challenge faced by many small, rural communities in North America; traditional outdoor lighting products were simply impossible to install on time and on budget.


However, through a collaborative partnership between ODOT for District 8, Sol, and American Electrical Lighting, the citizens of this Oklahoma community are now able to begin 2024 safer than before due to the reliable EverGen-M solar lighting engine.


“The partnership between Acuity Brands and Sol is a merger or alliance between two companies who are the best in their respective industries.” – Cory Cornett, Senior Field Representative, Acuity Brands

Project Requirements


The roundabout’s location and ODOT’s budget presented a significant amount of challenges for the project from its inception. The organization required a lighting solution that was budget-friendly and didn’t rely on grid-based power, as it would be far too expensive to extend utility-based grid electricity to this area. They also needed 24/7 illumination, especially as residents were growing accustomed to the new and improved traffic pattern, as safety was their top priority. Finally, ODOT sought to reduce its community’s energy expenditures to save more funds for future improvements to the local community.


Sol’s Solution


In collaboration with American Electrical Lighting (AEL), an Acuity brand,  ODOT chose Sol as their lighting partner for their reliable, American-made products and efficient project communication. Specifically, the EverGen-M solar lighting engine along with AEL’s Autobahn fixture was used for this project due to the straightforward installation and unmatched performance.


The EverGen-M is specifically designed to be self-sufficient following installation, with its 10-year warranty, remote monitoring diagnosis capability, and stringent compliance with IES and dark-sky standards. With these benefits in mind, the EverGen-M was the perfect solution for all of ODOT’s concerns regarding the new roundabout.

Projects Results


Following the completion of ODOT’s roundabout and the implementation of Sol’s EverGen-M product, the town’s safety has increased exponentially. The formerly unsafe and traffic-prone two-way stop now invites a smooth and comfortable flow of traffic for all of the town’s citizens. The EverGen system also ensures full, uninterrupted nighttime illumination for 24/7 light coverage.


 “The key benefits to the project, to the lighting, is being able to see the intersection and this has provided a well-lit, safer intersection for the town and surrounding communities.” – Jennifer Bullard, East Construction Engineer, ODOT District 8


Sol executed the project quickly and efficiently with all of the project teams involved to deliver long-term reduction in energy bills for the city while aligning with its sustainability goals.

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