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Case study   30 May 2023


Sol designs three new solar street lighting projects in Florida


Sol worked with Florida’s local land developers to find the perfect lighting solution to their projects. Solar street lights were deployed to keep three neighborhoods safe and well-lit.


Sol’s solar lighting was recently added to new street lighting projects in three residential subdivisions located in Lake and Orange counties.

In each of these projects, a total of 50 units were installed to provide high-quality solar street lighting to ensure the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians. Sol’s environmentally friendly and energy-efficient lighting systems contribute to these residential communities’ overall sustainability and appeal.


  Streets and Roadways

    Clermont, FLORIDA, USA

  UP2 (with Bellhead fixtures – 2022)

Lake Meadows solar

Our Solution


Sol collaborated with local partners for each of these projects to provide the photometric design, engineering support, material supply, installation, and project commissioning. The accepted designs utilized energy-efficient LED bulbs that provide a crisp, neutral 4000K color temperature illumination for optimal visibility for both drivers and pedestrians. These solar lighting solutions supply grid-free lighting that will remain illuminated even if the local power grid shuts off due to storms and hurricanes.


The environmentally friendly design of Sol’s lighting systems reduces the carbon footprint of these residential communities while lowering energy costs. The low-maintenance, energy-efficient solar panels and LED fixtures on these systems save the communities time and resources. Each unit has an adaptive lighting system that adjusts light levels to ensure illumination through dark hours, reduce energy consumption, and ensure longevity. This further reduces maintenance requirements and maximizes the operating lifetime of the solar lighting system.


Furthermore, the easy installation process saves the developers time and money, as they can quickly implement the lighting systems without needing to pay for extensive infrastructure upgrades. Sol’s lighting systems are built tough and versatile, with fixtures that can withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure consistent and safe illumination even in the wake of a Category 5 hurricane.



Developers of the three subdivision street lighting projects identified the following priorities: safety and security, ease of installation, low maintenance, and cost. They also wanted the lighting solution to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient, as eco-friendly lighting systems would support the communities’ broader sustainability goals and further enhance their green and environmentally responsible reputation.


Each unit would each need to illuminate a broad area, covering both a pedestrian sidewalk and a wide two-lane residential street. They would need to provide bright and uniform dusk-to-dawn illumination while minimizing roadway glare. The systems also needed to be durable enough to withstand the region’s frequent tropical storms.

Project results


The resulting installations met developers’ expectations of cost, convenience, quality of lighting, and sustainability. Sol’s experience in lighting design also brought aesthetic benefits to each community. The sleek and modern design of the Cobra Head fixture and the contemporary elegance of the Bell Head fixture complement their surrounding landscapes perfectly and create an alluring ambiance that matches the developers’ visions for these new residential communities.


By providing an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, easy-to-install, and durable lighting solution, Sol successfully met the developers’ requirements and expectations. The new solar lighting projects in these Florida subdivisions improve residents’ safety and security and enhance the communities’ sustainability, visual appeal, and overall quality of life. With Sol’s innovative solar lighting systems, these residential communities can now look forward to the ongoing benefits of green, reliable, and cost-effective solar street lighting.

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