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Case study March 2017

Solar Landscape Lighting for Student Safety


Location: Odessa, Texas, USA

Client: Odessa College

Products Used: GreenWay™, 80 watt series with 20 watt LED

Installer: Willis Electric Co., LP

Odessa campus lights



Odessa College, in West Texas, offers university-parallel and occupational and technical credit courses to over 5,000 students, and also has more than 11,000 individuals enrolled in one or more Adult Basic Education, Continuing Education, or Community Recreation courses. Odessa College’s old existing lighting systems needed to be replaced to ensure students felt safe and secure walking from parking areas to classes, and to encourage students to interact and study on campus.

The old lighting and wiring were not up to current standards, so everything would need replacing, including the pole bases. Trenching sidewalks and through landscaped areas to reconnect the electrical lines would have been disruptive and damaging to the beautiful grounds. The college considered solar landscape lighting instead.




Sol’s GreenWay™ solar LED lighting system helped the administration saved 20% compared to hooking up a brand-new system to the electrical grid. They selected a local installer, Willis Electric Co., to place the systems, and once installed, the solar LED lights were up and running that night. With Sol’s long-term warranty and long-lasting LEDs, the college was confident the system would stay running. Students felt more welcomed and secure thanks to the college’s new solar landscape lighting system.

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