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Case study March 2017

Solar Parking Lot Lights in Spokane Parking Facility


When the Spokane Public Facilities District (SPFD) began to look for lighting alternatives for a new parking lot facility in the downtown core, solar LED lights were top of mind. The project would be an opportunity to highlight its continued movement towards renewable energy alternatives.


  Parking Lot

    Spokane, Washington

  EverGEN™ 1530 parking lot lights

Spokane WA parking lot

Project Overview:


Since the installation would represent the first LED site lighting in the city (not to mention the first solar LED outdoor lights installation), performance and reliability were both vital, as was portability that would allow the city to move the lights as requirements changed. During the bid process, the district evaluated the options for solar parking lot lights carefully.


After extensive evaluation, the Sol EverGEN 1530 rose to the top of the options. Sol’s extensive experience gave the SPFD confidence in the manufacturer’s expertise and support, allowing the EverGEN solution to shine. Additionally, the systems provided a robust and reliable solution for solar parking lot lights that met the high light output requirements of the site. The lights would not require trenching, which in addition to saving money would also make them portable for changing requirements. Meanwhile, the dark-sky friendly fixtures would help the city reduce light pollution, highlighting the city’s continued commitment to green practices.


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