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Case study February 2018

Solar LED Park Lights Help Aurora Avoid Costly Electrical Connections


Aurora, Colorado, directly east of Denver, is home to about 359,000 people who value their outdoor space: over 100 parks and 6,000-plus acres of open space make up the city. The City’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space department installed seven EverGen solar LED park lights in Sand Creek Park, part of the Sand Creek Regional Greenway.


  Park & Pathway

    Sand Creek Park, Aurora, Colorado

7 EverGen M Series park and parking lot lights



The first phase of the project included Discovery Playground, which required lighting for safety and security.


“A standard lighting solution was too costly given the location of Sand Creek Park,” says Ed Shalkey, Project Manager for the City of Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Space department. The park is on the far side of a light rail line and trenching under the tracks was not permitted. The second-closest power supply was far away, making it cost prohibitive. A solution that would avoid the need for trenching was required.

Aurora, CO park

Our Solution:


The City of Aurora’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department installed EverGen solar LED park lights in Discovery Playground and the adjacent parking lot.


“We’re always looking for ways to include more sustainable and environmentally friendly amenities in our parks,” says Shalkey, who selected Sol based on a recommendation. “Our general contractor suggested we check out Sol because he had recently installed Sol’s lights elsewhere. I went and looked at the light and said, that’s just what we need.”



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We’ve seen a lot of clients more interested in solar because of the opportunity to show efforts towards being greener and having projects that can generate their own power. I think over time, we’ll see more people using [solar lighting].”

–  Nicole Horst, Principal, Wenk Landscape Architecture & Planning, Aurora, CO

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