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    Our Retrofit kits come in three reliable, high-powered options: Kit option one - Replace one item of your light: New battery or EMS controller or Fixture Kit option two - Replace two items of your light: New battery and/or EMS controller and/or Fixture Kit option three - Replace three items of your light: New battery, EMS controller, and Fixture   This offers innovative technology with efficacy of the latest technology, remote monitoring, upgrading your warranty and compatible apps for Bluetooth connections.   Do you need to retrofit your solar light? Talk to our sales team!      
    Retrofit kits Retrofit kits

    Our other ranges

      The EverGen® range is custom-sized to fit every application and location. The EverGen M Series is a robust solar outdoor lighting system with the durability and quality Sol is known for.
      iSSL® is the world’s most reliable all-in-one solar lighting solution and the result of 10 years of research and development.
      The UP® series is a unique all-in-two solar light that delivers unrivaled performances in every environment, optimizing solar energy collection in any condition.
      Evergen M Ral8019 Canvas Large
      ISSL+ 9010
      UP2 Un 9010
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