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Be free of utilities with solar outdoor LED lighting

Local control of commercial and civic lighting


The utility company adds a middle-man between your municipality and the power you need. What would happen if you took control and switched your lights to gridless power with solar lighting from Sol? Your community would be self-reliant, making you nimbler and more prepared for change as your city shifts and grows.


Learn about the benefits of self-reliant grid-less power:

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Similar system costs for solar lighting and traditional grid-connected lighting


As solar lighting efficiency improves, the cost continues to drop, while the cost of electricity from grid power continues to rise—about 4% per year on average over the last 10 years.


Partner with us: The new EverGen energy-saving street light is our most compact solar model to date—which further reduces costs for shipping, poles, and component parts—and is still the only system to meet IES light level requirements for the long term. Renewable power from the sun looks more appealing for a greater share of projects.


>> See how the EverGen compares to grid lighting.

Insight Remote Monitoring

Shorter wait for power and faster response time


Some utility companies identify delays of several months for a standard light delivery. Get power to your customers faster by removing the middle-man from the equation.


Similarly, many cities indicate a delay of “several weeks” to fix street light outages that citizens report on city websites, especially if the utilities are investor-owned. Streamline your project build so you won’t have to rely on citizens for that information: you’ll know immediately when a street light is out and put the timeline in your hands.


Source: World Bank, Doing Business Project


Partner with us: Choose solar lighting for a quick setup—which means you’ll start reaping in the savings sooner. With Sol, you get access to our network of contractors and our easy smartphone setup app, helping you get your lights running in no time. Sol’s Insight remote monitoring platform reports system health in a timely manner so that crews can take action to reduce downtime and help extend the service life of your light.


>> Learn More about Insight Remote Monitoring

proportional cost

Proportional project cost


Only pay for what you need. Smaller solar projects especially are more affordable than ever when you remove costly infrastructure such as transformers and trenching from the equation and choose an energy-saving street light.


Partner with us: With Sol, you only pay for the infrastructure you need, no matter what your project size. Build and price a street light, park, parking lot or general area project using our website tool.

outages per year

Avoid blackouts and brownouts


Stay bright during emergencies or whenever power is cut by choosing gridless power. According to the US Energy Information Administration, municipal-owned utilities experience fewer blackouts on average than investor-owned utilities.


Partner with us: Switching your municipal-owned street lights to solar means you’ll avoid blackouts and brownouts altogether—in fact, your lights can light the way in an emergency, providing a sense of safety and security.


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