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Increase your revenue by partnering with a pioneering leader in the growing solar lighting industry. Enjoy more business, more income, and more opportunities.
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Who should become a Sol Certified Contractor?


The Sol Certified Contractor Program is for contractors wanting to enter the solar lighting installation business.
Why get Sol Certified?
We’ll send you business. Our agent network is working on specifying our product—and our Sol Certified Contractors—for each installation.
We’ll provide you with revenue opportunities. Get direct access to products to be more competitive.
We won’t waste your time. Our short, comprehensive training program and installation support help you and your team install faster.
Step-by-step process:
Sign up!
Follow our short training program.
Get certified.
Stay connected with newsletters and training.
Join us as a contractor and see how we can be more successful when we work together.

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By understanding the market, choosing the right products and suppliers, developing a marketing strategy, and providing excellent customer service, you can build a successful and sustainable business in the growing solar lighting industry.


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