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Find LEED opportunities for outdoor solar lights

According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED is “changing the way we think about how buildings and communities are planned, constructed, maintained, and operated.” The USGBC, founded in 1993, aims to promote sustainable practices in the building and construction industry. In 2000, they unveiled LEED to provide a third-party rating system that would […]

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Get smart—and get connected

Today, cities across the United States are implementing smart city technology for infrastructure—and solar power is part of the revolution. What makes a city smart? Smart cities integrate internet of things (IoT) connectivity and information and communication technology (ICT) to help manage city assets in a secure, efficient way. Everything from schools and libraries to […]

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How solar works

At Sol, we have taken our 20-plus years of experience to perfect our outdoor solar lighting system. While many have tried to duplicate our light, we work hard to source each of our high-quality parts to make them work even better together. When you choose ours, you’re not choosing off-the-shelf parts—you’re choosing a complete system. […]

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Dark-sky controls ensure no light is wasted

Data shows that 80% of people can’t see the Milky Way, mostly due to increasing light pollution as our cities grow. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) wants to change that—and we’re on board. Our dark-sky controls help ensure there is light only when and where it’s needed. What is the IDA? The IDA works to […]

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Solar-powered LEDs offer parking lot lighting—without compromising light quality

Parking lot lighting can illuminate the night for the safety of employees and customers using them, but emerging trends reveal this sense of security can be accomplished with lower light levels than previously believed. Conventional HID lights have more light trespass—wasted light—that contributes to light pollution and renders the world in an unappealing beige thanks […]

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Demystifying LED Lights & Fixtures

LED Lights Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are an efficient solid-state, directional light source ideal for solar-powered lighting applications. Although most people think of LEDs as indicator lighting, there are types of LEDs specifically designed for general illumination applications. As the technology has become more robust, reliable, and efficient, LED lighting has become more commonplace in […]

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