Outdoor commercial lighting in San Diego

San Diego is known as the City of Villages. The city offers unique experiences for residents and visitors across its 52 communities, separated by urban canyons. These natural divisions make this city home to one of the best park systems in the United States.

The second-largest city in the state, San Diego offers opportunities in tourism, manufacturing, and biotechnology research via the UCSD Medical Center. The city is also known for its commitment to the military, with the largest naval fleet in the world at the United States Naval Base San Diego, along the naturally deep San Diego Bay. San Diego is one of the best cities to launch a small business—perhaps in craft beer, since the San Diego Brewers Guild boasts 130 brewery members across the city. San Diego also contains the world famous 100-year-old San Diego Zoo and, the snorkeling, swimming, or diving ecologically protected area, La Jolla Cove.

A trans-border agglomeration with Tijuana, Mexico, San Diego is primed for international trade. While the city has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, safety is still paramount for such industries. Solar outdoor commercial lighting offers security during emergency situations by providing lighting unaffected by outages.

San Diego street lights primed for solar

But this is also an innovative city: when it comes to green architecture, San Diego is a leader, with energy efficient building design, “Green Streets,” and other policies in the works via its 2015 Climate Action Plan. Ranking second in the US for solar installations, San Diego is aiming for 100% renewable energy use by 2035. And this Mediterranean climate—named by the Farmer’s Almanac as one of the top 10 best climates in the US—is certainly primed for solar.

With San Diego working toward its green goals, the option of including solar outdoor commercial lighting can check off all the boxes for sustainability.

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