Solar Lighting in Riverside, California

Riverside, California, is called the City of Innovation. With four major universities—University of California, La Sierra University, California Baptist University, and the California Southern Law School—and a highly business-friendly environment, Riverside benefits from the prosperity of California’s blossoming tech sector. The city plays host to a series of conferences and summits for startups and entrepreneurs, making it a place of long-term opportunities for graduates, tech workers, and growing families. It is a city that is literally growing through expansion and redevelopment.

Riverside Solar LEDs: A Bright Future

Riverside’s solar lighting potential is outstanding. With the city’s average of 277 sunny days per year, solar LED lighting is, by far, the most efficient path forward for businesses to save money while highlighting the natural beauty of Riverside’s landscape. Residents can look forward to seeing more stars at night along the Santa Ana as traditional city and street lighting gives way to the focused illumination, clarity, and longevity of modern LEDs.

Low-Cost Solar LED Streetlights

The largest employers in Riverside are primarily schools and hospitals, all who could benefit from sustainable, cost-effective lighting. The long-term cost savings of choosing a commercial solar LED deployment could be substantial for these industries. It will also help move Riverside towards achieving civic and state climate change goals.

Private solar lighting in the city is growing, with many residents choosing sustainable and renewable solar outdoor lighting. The case for commercial and municipal solar outdoor lights is also growing steadily, coinciding with the forward yet fiscally conservative thinking in this startup-rich community.

Riverside has come a long way from its roots in California’s citrus industry. The city has flourished in the technological age as Southern California urbanized and the citrus orchards moved further north. There is a bright future for Riverside and we intend to help the city harness it and use it for the public good.

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