Commercial Solar-Powered Park Lighting Opportunities in Long Beach

A hop, skip, and a jump from Los Angeles, Long Beach is often a filming stand-in for other locations in California and around the world. That said, it has its own unique personality that sets it apart from the beaches it portrays.

Once a navy and oil extraction town, Long Beach is now focused more on shipping via the Port of Long Beach, the second busiest seaport in America. The port supports over 30,000 jobs and is also a proponent of environmental stewardship. Boeing is still a prominent employer here. The city celebrates it aviation history with the Festival of Flight, a free event featuring aircraft and vehicle displays, food trucks, a beer garden, and live entertainment.

Long Beach thrives on tourism: its greatest asset is its beach. Thousands of tourists and locals alike use the beach year-round. Long Beach is even home to the only off-leash, dog-friendly beach in Los Angeles County, Rosie’s Beach. At the north end of the beach, the stately Queen Mary, an art-deco steam cruiser that was once the fastest ship in the world, rests beside the non-profit Aquarium of the Pacific.

California’s surf scene was said to have started here in 1911, but you won’t hear “Surf’s up” in Long Beach much anymore. Since 1949, a 2.2-mile long breakwater has protected the naval fleet that was once stationed here. With the naval fleet now gone, the possibility of reducing or removing the breakwater is under review.

Solar-powered park lighting

Long Beach has many opportunities to save using commercial LED solar street and park lighting. The Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine keeps busy managing the 92 parks throughout the city. The National Recreation and Park Association has rewarded the city three times for outstanding management. The city is also striving to be the most bicycle-friendly urban area in the US; the 51-mile LA River bicycle path’s southern terminus can be found in southwest Long Beach. The city is one of the more walkable areas of Greater Los Angeles. 

Solar power is already making innovative appearances in Long Beach:

  • The Long Beach Convention Center has a 750-kw, 5,819 panel solar installation that generates over 1 million kwh of electricity.
  • A pilot project is in the works featuring solar-powered trash cans.
  • Solar trees at the Long Beach Airport track the sun’s movement to produce about 15,000 kilowatt hours of power annually.

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Long Beach is an up-and-coming star in renewable energy.

Sol’s solar lighting can help

Sol’s solar-powered park lighting solutions are well suited for Long Beach. Solar lighting can be installed in parks and on trails and boardwalks with minimal disruption to the natural environment since they require no trenching for wiring. Solar-powered street lighting is also an option here: Sol is the only company that can meet and sustain required light levels all night.


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