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This page has our company overview, a press contact, media files, and past press releases for media use.


Company Overview

Sol by Sunna Design, a brand of Sunna Design, is driven to provide low-cost and environmentally sustainable outdoor lighting solutions. We engineer and manufacture solar-powered LED outdoor lights for cities and commercial properties worldwide. Founded in 1990, we have since installed over 80,000 solar lighting systems in more than 60 countries on six continents. As veterans with 20-plus years’ experience in the industry, we provide expert support every step of the way, from order to installation and beyond.


Press Contact

Sunna Design Marketing Department
+1 (800) 959.1329
[email protected]


Product Information

>> EverGen M Series





Solar street lighting, Chandler, AZ

Solar street lighting, Beaumont, CA

Solar pathway lighting, Wray, CO

Solar park lighting, Puebla, Mexico

Solar parking lot lights, Spokane, WA

EverGen M Series, parking lot lighting, Victoria, BC

 EverGen, 1 panel, XSP1 fixture  EverGen, 2 panel, 4ft XSP1 fixture
Meet the EverGen infographic      

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>> Sunna Design


Other Media

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