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Educational   5 March 2024


Illuminating the Way: Optimal Lighting for Boat Launches


For veteran and novice boaters alike, boat launches are a delicate and intricate process that require a skilled hand even in perfect conditions. With the integrity of their boats at risk, boaters need every advantage to ensure a safe, effective launch, especially in lower lighting conditions.


Many lighting solutions have trouble meeting the steep demands required to effectively light a dock. The best dock lights demand the following traits:

  • Durable
  • Weather & Flood Resistant
  • Simple to install
  • Independent from grid-based energy
  • Low-maintenance

Few solutions other than solar lighting products from Sol can tick every box with an additional emphasis on cost-effectiveness.

Durability Matters


When installing solar-powered boat dock lights, their durability is among the most important aspects of their design. Constant exposure to water, salt, minerals, and potential physical impact means that they will have significantly more wear and tear than traditional streetlights. They must be constructed with solid, weather-resistant materials to survive the elements and keep boaters and their property safe.


Sol’s solar fixtures are American-made—engineered to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, with thousands of units successfully installed and maintained in harsh environments around the world. Sol’s confidence in its long-term reliability extends to the product’s warranties. Every Sol fixture is under a 10-year municipal-grade warranty that includes the entire system and its battery. This warranty provides a decade of assured performance and protection from the elements, minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing returns on investment.





    Waterproofing and Flood Resistance


    Given their proximity to water, it is critical that lighting for boat launches is able to withstand harsh water-based conditions. During storms, it’s not uncommon for large amounts of water to be displaced and splashed, potentially damaging the lights if they are not properly designed. Even in areas where lakes can freeze over, Sol’s lighting systems are designed to resist the cold as well.


    To accommodate possible water damage, Sol’s solar lighting systems and their valuable electrical components are mounted at the top of the poles. This way, the batteries and sensitive materials are kept safe, while the weather-resistant poles face the elements. Even if water or weather did reach the top of the pole, they are each encased within weather and waterproof housings, ensuring they are always undamaged.




    Installation and Maintenance Ease


    While their durability is essential for success, installing lighting for boat launches must also be simple. Complex wiring and grid-reliant energy are not feasible solutions for every dock, as some of them are remote and difficult to access.


    Solar lights also eliminate this problem, as their self-sustaining design supports a time and energy effective installation process. There is no complex wiring necessary, as the poles only need a hole to be placed in to begin functioning. Since they also do not require underground wiring, they operate independently from grid-based power sources, ensuring that no matter where the boat launch area is, it can receive reliable lighting at minimal cost.


    Following installation, solar lights also have self-contained systems and long-lasting LED bulbs that minimize any need for frequent replacements or repairs. When maintenance is necessary, Sol’s notification system signals owners when it is time for cleaning or other upkeep routines.



    Environmental and Cost Benefits


    Now that its monetary, safety, and maintenance benefits are clear, Sol’s products also value the integrity of the environment. As many boaters and nature enjoyers can appreciate, solar lighting is a renewable energy source that cuts down on light pollution and reduces the product’s carbon footprint.


    That environmental-advocacy extends to the users operational costs as well. With their grid-independence and low maintenance, solar lights require little to no monthly operational costs.



    Sol—The Safe, Sensible Solution




    Ready to light up your boat launch with the most reliable, durable, and efficient lighting solution? Explore our range of solar lighting options designed to meet your specific needs.

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