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Educational   7 February 2024


Solar Lighting Increases Safety Economically

Brighter Street—Safer Solutions


Every street and sidewalk in a city or town deserves to be well-lit, especially when it can directly increase feelings of safety and deter crime. With that said, installing hundreds or thousands of traditional wired street lights can increase costs to the developers and negatively impact the environment. No compromise is necessary with solar lights due to their environmentally friendly design and efficient functionality.



The Role of Lighting in Security


Effective and reliable lighting in high and low-traffic areas can increase the average citizen’s perception of safety while deterring crime. For example, in a study published by the New York Police Department (NYPD), they found that increased lighting had a direct correlation with less crime. By analyzing two areas with high crime volume and installing new lights in one of them, they were able to conclude that crime in the well-lit area fell far below that of the unlit area.




Challenges of Traditional Lighting Solutions


Although city officials never want to compromise on the safety of their constituents, in some cases, the budget, maintenance, and environmental impact of installing new lights all over the city is too burdensome. Not only that, but some areas are especially difficult for wiring, making the lighting a hazard.



Advantages of Solar Lighting Solutions


Solar Lighting triumphs over traditional lighting through its flexibility, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. Without the need for complex wiring, solar lighting can find its way into any situation, and with its reliability, it stays on at a low cost. In every way, solar lighting outclasses traditional lighting while also having little to no drawbacks.




Sol’s Experience in Safe Street Lighting


Sol had a powerful experience providing street lighting for a neighborhood in King City, California, that was specifically designed to increase public safety. After a survey of the neighborhood’s residents, it was found that many felt unsafe walking to their cars or utilizing public transport because of inadequate lighting. Sol was selected for this project because solar lights are easier to install, cheaper to maintain, and more environmentally friendly. King City officials were pleased with the outcome, especially since the solar lights are self-sufficient and did not require the involvement of their local utility companies. Now, parents feel safer dropping their children off in the early morning at their daycares and residents can enjoy a safer walk to their destinations.


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