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Reactions from solar manufacturers to President Biden’s announcement instituting a two-year pause on additional tariffs and duties on imported Chinese solar panels are mixed. However, the CEO of SOL by Sunna Design, the most trusted solar lighting brand in North America says, is focusing on something else.

“The biggest takeaway from this announcement says, Ignace de PREST, is that it puts solar energy on the main stage and is bringing greater attention to the efficiency and cost savings solar energy provides, especially from U.S. manufacturers like us.”

Despite the U.S. leading the world in solar innovation, 80% of the world’s solar panels are made in China. This fact and announcement alone have created a demand to buy American. Sol by Sunna Design is one of the few solar manufacturers that produces 87% of the components in the U.S.A. One of SOL’s most popular solar lights, EverGen® is produced in Houston, TX.

“Buying American is the main factor for many municipalities and land developers in the US to go solar. in the decision”, says de PREST. The solar industry is poised for dramatic growth and SOL, with its strong reputation in North America is ready to meet the demand.


In 2020, the global outdoor solar LED market size was valued at USD 4.36 billion. Research indicates an increase in its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.6% over the next years. The improved quality and efficiency specifically for outdoor LED street lighting applications is a major and key factor contributing to market growth. The high adoption rate of solar as a source of renewable energy for lighting purposes across the world, along with the rise in solar implementation in several smart city development plans is also likely to drive the adoption of outdoor solar LED products across the industry.


With 30,000+ solar lights installed in the United States and more than 100,000 globally, Sol is the leading solar lighting brand in North America. Sol engineers and manufactures a complete range of all-in-one and modular solar lighting solutions for cities, militaries, and commercial properties – offering a cost-efficient and environmentally
sustainable solution for every outdoor lighting application.

With 23 patents and 12 international awards, Sol has a history of leading in quality which makes constant innovation and product reliability part of its DNA. Sol stands behind its system sizing and product performance and backs it with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Sol is a subsidiary of Sunna Design, a global leader in solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications.