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Carmanah Installs Solar Street Lighting in Phoenix, Arizona

Carmanah has completed an installation of EverGEN 1500 solar LED lighting systems for a solar street lighting application in Phoenix, Arizona. Situated at the entrance to the Desert Botanical Gardens and the Phoenix Zoo, the solar street lights are being used to illuminate the roadway and roundabout at this key intersection.

Installing AC powered lighting was nearly impossible at the location as the nearest underground utilities are located over a mile away and the rocky desert terrain makes digging and trenching difficult. However, the intersection was proving problematic and the lack of illumination was causing accidents for drivers navigating the roundabout in the dark.

The EverGEN 1500 solar street lighting allowed the City of Phoenix to increase the safety of the intersection while avoiding the need to trench for electrical cables: ultimately providing significant cost savings and eliminating disruption to the flow of traffic in this tourist location. BetaLED fixtures provide superior light output and uniformity over the two lanes of traffic. The fixtures are also Dark Sky compliant and place light on the ground exactly where it’s needed, reducing light pollution and preserving the natural rhythms of the surrounding desert environment.

Like all cities, Phoenix is always looking for ways to incorporate renewable technology into their infrastructure and the EverGEN 1500 solar street lights fit easily into the City’s movement towards green practices

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