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Watch our Solar Lighting Testimonial Video: How Sol Is Changing Commercial Lighting in North America


Challenging the status quo can start with your lights

Today, solar lighting is possible for a greater range of projects than ever before. Across the nation, cities and developers have been choosing Sol’s lights to illuminate a variety of projects, from trail lighting in parks to residential streets and more. California, Colorado, and Arizona are strong proponents for solar, and many more states are rife with potential for further growth.

Watch our video to hear:

  • Landscape architect Nicole Horst explain why the City of Aurora, CO, began investigating solar lighting for Sand Creek Park.
  • James Love, Beaumont Electric CEO, discuss why Beaumont, CA, wanted independence from the grid.
  • Electrical lineman supervisor Lee Tufton from the City of Wray, CO, talk about maintenance of Sol solar lights installed 10 years ago.
  • James DePue, city manager for Wray, sum up how solar lighting can challenge the status quo.

Why choose solar?

Early adopters often chose solar because traditional lighting wasn’t feasible or they had a desire to invest in sustainable solutions. But today, the reasons are as numerous as there are projects: common reasons for solar viability may include cost savings, aging infrastructure, and municipalization of power generation.

Solar is becoming more viable for a greater range of projects. Watch the video to learn more.


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